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Everything we do is based on the effort and the synergy of everyone pulling together towards the same goals. We get along, we work along, we succeed as a team.

Who we are?

We are a group of passionate people fond of the latest cutting edge technologies in software development.

We position ourselves at your side through all the process of development being responsible and co-workers with you to successfully get your product moving.

Here in Brealpoint_341 we see success as a source of inspiration for constantly moving forward with the newest technologies, because every project needs the right tool, there is always room for improvement, and we will achieve it.

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Scrum is the way to go. With scrum, we can successfully deliver projects with highly emergent requirements or rapidly changing ones such as we find in software development.

Step 1. Product Backlog Creation

A product backlog is a list that contains features to be implemented during the development process. It’s ordered by priority and every item is called a User story

Step 2. Sprint Planning and Sprint Backlog Creation

A short sprint allows you to release the working version of a product more frequently. As a result, customer’s feedback will be received more often, and all the possible bugs and errors will be revealed in time.

Step 3. Working on the Sprint. Daily Scrum Meetings

After actual user stories for the current phase are chosen, the development process begins.

Step 4. Product Increment and Sprint Review

The result of every sprint in Scrum is a potentially shippable product increment that can be demonstrated to the customer.

Step 5. Retrospective and Next Sprint Planning

Retrospective’s main aim is to discuss the results and determine the ways how to improve the development process on the next step.


Be a diverse community of all-in, result-minded experts that is the most trusted partner to deliver custom software solutions with a “mas” experience and creates value for all.

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Design, evaluate and build optimal architectures for traditional and blockchain projects

Optimised for speed

Ensure maximum speed of innovation, and controlled costs in the cloud. Design optimal cloud architectures by applying industry best practices.

Price and good Adpotion

Careful attention to get best cost and operational excellence. Maximize the chance of business success in cloud adoption.


We are an expert blockchain development team ready to build on any blockchain. Cardano, Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, and more...

Software super Tested

We have been building top software for years, we build scalable and secure solutions. We have an expert team of devop engineers that will keep everything running smoothly.


We are reinventing the way companies can build compliant financial technology. We help companies make better business decisions with actionable data.

Staff Augmentation

We provide top nearshore software developers that can work directly with your team. We work with best Developers from LATAM, just for you.


Automation allows you to create and replicate the architecture at low cost and avoid the cost and manual support. All changes in automation can be controlled, to audit the impact and return to previous parameters when necessary.

Evolutionary Architecture

In a traditional environment, architectural decisions are often implemented as static events. As the business and its context evolve, these initial decisions must be adjusted to meet changing business requirements. The ability to automate allows systems to evolve over time.

Our Works & Clients

We care about building long-term relationships with our clients. We work with a vision of partnership.

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